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One-Line Bio

I'm a techie, foodie, expert conversationalist, finance/strategic planning consultant, husband, father...and a promising startup ceo, angel investor, and proselytizing startup evangelist


First Computer Language(s) Learned
Initially, at age 14, I learned Pascal. Then I moved on two years later to use Cobol and C. I’ve flirted with Java and Visual Basic rather unsuccessfully. Presently, I’m becoming a rather serious Python admirer (and soon-to-be dedicated Python programmer).

My Startups’ Status
My Startup is still in a very early stage of development. I’ve been focusing on producing multiple prototypes and testing. We’re exploring ways to expand human potential with a focus on educational software that accelerates learning capacity for children and adults.

Five Roles, Among Many, That Excite Me
Consultant: Consulting is one of the great joys of my life. I enjoy sharing my experiences, ideas, and skills with remarkable people working on interesting projects.

Conversing intelligently, effectively, respectfully, and provocatively with passionate people is an art and science that I thoroughly respect and enjoy.

I’ve always been a serial entrepreneur moving along from business to business, from project to project seeking the proverbial “Next Big Thing.” In one way or another, I’ll always be an entrepreneur. My recent emergence into angel investing is emblematic of my dedication to promoting the merits of entrepreneurial pursuits.

I’ve worked as an engineer and project manager with a number of design and engineering firms. The most valuable skill that I’ve retained from being an engineer is to create refined processes to properly define then solve critical or fundamental problems.

If your definition of a Geek is ‘one who enthusiastically uses technology or intellectually theorizes excessively or repeatedly,’ then I guess I’ve always been a Geek. However, being a Geek has certainly been a mixed blessing. Real Geeks remember the days of being ridiculed for notable academic achievements and surreal or futuristic interests. My skill as a conversationalist and negotiator was initially developed as a form of self-defense to disarm potential assailants who “hated” Geeks. Nowadays, everyone wants Geeks on their team. The tides have surely turned, haven‘t they...


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